Photo of outline of Vancouver Island, with a red thread winding through the land.

Beyond the Edge

EAC Seminar 2019, Victoria, BC

Photo of tambour work on black silk organza with blue and white thread.301 Tresse - Stephanie Bonneau 


This course is designed for the beginning student in tambour work. You will learn the basic stitch of tambour beading – the chain stitch – using the tambour hook and embroidery thread on black silk organza. The first day will be assembling your frame, mounting the fabric and learning the chainstitch. Day two will be learning the chainstitch technique and how to blend the colours smoothly within the design.

Written instructions in French can be provided if requested in advance.

Technique: shading with tambour beading stitch
Skill Level: basic
Pre-work: none
Size:  4.75” x 2” (12cm x 5cm)
Kit Cost: $72

Photo of stumpwork dogwood pink blossoms with gold centres on dark silk dupioni.302 Pacific Dogwood - Alison Cole


An embroidery featuring the provincial flower for British Columbia worked in stumpwork with goldwork highlights. The project employs two wiring techniques along with padding and working with gilt and coloured English metal threads on a background of silk dupioni.

Technique: stumpwork, goldwork
Skill Level:  all welcome
Pre-work: none
Size: 7.5” x 5” (19cm x 13cm)
Kit Cost: $70.00

Photo of needlework set: pincushion, scissor fob and needlebook on white linen with purple thread and ribbon.303 Sugared Violets - Kathryn Drummond 

Stitch this gorgeous needlework set consisting of a pincushion, scissor fob and needlebook with the matching square design using 32-count white Belfast linen. Perle cottons and metallic braids will be used to execute the four-sided stitch, alternating stem stitch, satin stitch, bouillon knots, and needleweaving. Students should have experience with cutting fabric threads.

Technique: punto antico (Italian cutwork)
Skill Level: intermediate
Pre-work: 1-2 hours of basting the areas for the various pieces
Size: 8’ x 8” (20cm x 20cm) square plus 3” x 6” (8cm x 15cm) needlebook, 3” x 3” (8cm x 8cm) pincushion and 2” x 2” (5cm x 5cm) scissor fob
Kit Cost: $100

Photo of box with painted and beaded lid in a seaside theme. Blue, purple, and green beads around the edge.304 Seaside Fantasy Treasure Box - Diane Mugford


An adventure in bead embroidery awaits you in this class. Using the “seaside” theme, your imagination and intuition, you will attach the beads provided to the foundation fabric included in the kit.  As the paint dries on your box, add more beads to your creation!  If you have collected a few very special beads, buttons, odd pieces of jewelry that would fit the seaside theme – bring them along and they might have a new home.

Technique: bead embroidery
Skill Level: all levels
Pre-work: none
Size: 2.5” x 3.5” (6.5cm x 9cm) mounted on a papier mâché box
Kit Cost: $45

Dresden Blütenknospe 305 Dresden Blütenknospe - Mike Parr

This small flower bud design with a Jacobean influence has been embellished with pulled thread and surface embroidery techniques that were typically found in Dresden lace whitework which originated in Saxony in the mid-1700s. Techniques taught will include satin stitch, whipped chain stitch, stem stitch, four-sided stitch, and various damask and combination stitch patterns.  The background is a white shadow-work linen from Legacy Linens and the threads used are DMC cottons.

Technique: Dresden lace – pulled thread and surface embroidery
Skill Level: intermediate
Pre-work: none
Size: design - 3” x 4” (8cm x 10cm)
Kit Cost: $30

Photo of leaves on background of fibres, fabrics and paper created with paint, stencilled, woven and machine stitched.306 Seeing the Leaves Through the Trees - Dale Rollerson


Create a plethora of leaves using water soluble fabric, free machine stitching, silk fibers, sheers, other fabrics, and paint. Various backgrounds will be created, painted, stencilled or woven on fabrics and papers. You might create a stand-alone masterpiece or a fabulous neckpiece or a superb collection of assorted pages for a book – or all, if time permits.

Technique: mixed media, some machine and hand embroidery
Skill Level: all levels
Pre-work: none
Size: varies
Kit Cost: $75

Photo of needlepoint and string art on a grid pattern. A variety of stitches worked on 18 count opalescent canvas with green, blue, orange, and red cotton, braid, silks and glass beads.307 Making Waves - Lorene Salt


Making Waves was born out of a desire to further explore creative ways of integrating curved lines and shapes onto a grid pattern. String art and needlepoint stitches are featured in this beautiful design and further embellished with glass beads. Additional stitches include: fleur-de-lis, a variety of Jessicas, sprat’s head, Crescents, sarfles, braided stitches, trellis work, and a tricoloured inverted Amadeus. Threads used on the 18-count opalescent mono canvas include: perle cottons, Kreinik braids, and silks.

Technique: canvaswork
Skill Level: intermediate-advanced
Pre-work: none
Size: 12” x 8.5” (30cm x 22cm)
Kit Cost: $135

Photo of a botanical design using moose hair and beads using traditional Native methods. Red, yellow, and green design.308 Moose Hair Embroidery Pendant - Naomi Smith 


Prior to the arrival of the Europeans in North America, Native people were using animal hair to embellish and decorate clothing and utilitarian objects. In the regions of Canada where the moose were plentiful as a food source, their hair and hide were highly prized. This workshop focuses on using beads and moose hair to create an enchanting botanical design. The moose hair is applied using traditional sewing and tufting methods and the composition is further enhanced with Native beading techniques. The completed project can be used as a necklace or a hair piece. Traditional Native teaching will be part of the learning experience.

Technique: Native embossed bead embroidery & moose hair tufting
Skill Level: all levels
Pre-work: none
Size: 3.75” x 3.75” (9.5cm x 9.5cm)
Kit Cost: $45

Photo of heart shaped etui basket stitched on blue linen with white cotton to create Schwalm hearts. A twisted cord finishes the outer edge.309 Basket of Hearts - José Hope

Create a folded, heart shaped etui basket enhanced with Schwalm embroidered hearts just for yourself! This project is stitched on 32-count linen using coton á broder in various counts. Open up the basket to discover specially stitched pockets to hold your scissors, pins, and needle threader, along with rings for floss and loops for spools.  The handle has a buttonhole stitched hem.  Stitches used include: coral knots, chain, buttonhole stitch festoons, pistil stitch, padded satin, and the removal of some ground fabric threads to form grids that are stitched with various filling stitches. A twisted cord finishes the outer edges of the basket. The design can also be stitched and left flat for finishing as a pillow top.

Technique: Schwalm embroidery
Skill Level: intermediate, must know the coral knot stitch and chain stitch
Pre-work: 6-8 hours basting all design lines, and outline two hearts with coral knots and chain stitches
Size: 5” x 5” (12cm x 12cm)
Kit Cost: $75

310 Stitching Only

Enjoy a dedicated room for stitching your own project(s), the amenities of Seminar and the comradery of fellow stitchers.