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Beyond the Edge

EAC Seminar 2019, Victoria, BC

Surrey, UK

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Kate originally studied Theatre Design and worked as a costume maker before taking the plunge and training as an embroidery tutor at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace. She graduated from the Future Tutors Programme with distinction in 2016. She now teaches for the RSN and works as a member of the RSN Studio.

Kate loves to design contemporary hand embroidery that uses traditional techniques. She also enjoys going back to her costume roots producing kits based on historical embroidery.

Scotland, UK

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A City & Guilds Embroidery tutor in Scotland for over twenty years, Chris now teaches freelance in UK, Canada, USA and Australia. Passionate about Tudor and Stuart embroidery, she researches embroidery in museum collections throughout the world and is a practicing contemporary embroiderer and author.

Since 1974, Chris has taught throughout Great Britain to various embroidery groups both day courses and residential courses: at the Embroiderers' Guild at Hampton Court and for the Practical Study Group. Chris’s specialist topics include: The History of Embroidery; Tudor and Elizabethan Embroidery; Raised Embroidery 1640-1680; Blackwork; 16th century & 17th century Caps and Coifs; Sources of Design in Embroidery; Machine Embroidery; Design for Embroidery; Stitchery and fabric painting; and Cords, Braids and Tassels.

Chester, UK

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Stephanie is a Cheshire-based senior designer and embroiderer with over 10 years’ experience working for multinational design houses such as Chanel, Dior and Valentino. She received her Embroidery Degree from the Lycée Professionnel Gilles Jamain in Rochefort, France and her teacher qualification from Kingston College, London, England. She was head embroiderer and embroidery tutor at Hand & Lock, London and presently is freelance Senior Embroidery Designer at Ralph & Russo, London. In 2015 Stephanie created her own Atelier, Atelier Saint Clare.

Stephanie teaches couture embroidery classes at home in England, in the United States and taught at the EAC Seminar 2017.

British Columbia, Canada

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Bonnie-Lynne has been creative all of her life.  At the age of 8, she was taught how to knit by her grandmother.  When she was a teenager, she started to express her creativity with embroidery; she especially enjoyed cross-stitch. She was a cross-stitcher for many years until she joined the Cowichan Valley Needle Arts Guild and was introduced to other techniques and other stitches.  Bonnie-Lynne’s first love is counted thread work; she also enjoys canvas, hardanger, samplers, and incorporating embroidery into her quilting projects.  She is currently one of the leaders of “The Thread Whisperers” - the youth group of the Embroiderers’ Guild of Victoria.

Victoria, Australia

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Alison has been embroidering for most of her life and teaching goldwork and stumpwork for the past 20 years. She has won several awards and scholarships from guilds in Australia and from the UK Embroiderers’ Guild. She has written for many magazines and has self-published four books with two more on the way. Alison teaches in Australia, New Zealand, England, the USA and Canada. She has also taught at the EAC seminars.

Manitoba, Canada

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Kathryn is a needlework designer and teacher from Winnipeg, MB. She has a passion for learning new needlework disciplines and bringing their beauty to others through classes. She has been teaching her own designs for more than 10 years, including three years at her own needlework shop. Kathryn also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics.

Québec, Canada

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Natalie Dupuis holds a Master of Education and has taught as a classroom teacher and a teacher trainer in Toronto, Paris, and London where she lived for many years.  After having children, she combined her love for teaching and her passion for embroidery and now teaches goldwork and surface embroidery at various locations in Montreal. She has trained part time at the Royal School of Needlework in England and had enjoyed learning at national seminars over the years.  She has recently enjoyed accolades for her original design at the national level and has been invited to teach at Canada’s annual Embroidery Seminar as well as for the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design. At present Natalie is conducting research for the EGA and aspires to publish a booklet on the finer points of couching variations from or nué to Italian shading to pattern couching. She has two pre-school children at home who inspire her to be creative and pass on the love of needle arts.  Natalie is involved in Waldorf education which values nature, creativity and of course handwork of all sorts.

British Columbia, Canada

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Barbara, a retired Home Economics teacher, has a lifelong interest in textiles and embroidery.  She has been involved with a needle and thread since her early childhood when her grandmothers presented her with her very own sewing basket.  

Barbara has been an active participant in the EAC at both her local level and the national level.  She has authored several correspondence courses for the EAC and continues to act as a counsellor for the EAC, and, at the same time, continues to take embroidery courses to further her own knowledge and skills. She and Bonnie-Lynne Ceriko work with younger members - the “Thread Whisperers” – of the Embroiderers’ Guild of Victoria, helping them to explore the world of threads

Washington, USA

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Gail is a Canadian who resided for nearly 20 years in Britain. While there she completed the City & Guilds of London Institute Diploma in Design and Embroidery with Distinction and earned the senior qualification of Licentiateship (LCGI). In 1994, after a thriving career teaching at colleges in the UK, she moved to North America and founded Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts, first in Oak Harbor, WA. and then in La Conner, WA. She has been teaching 20+ years in America and is passionate about art, design and embroidery. She is the author of five books about embroidery and has also published two online courses about Color and Designing with Circles.

British Columbia, Canada

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José has been a very active member of several guilds on Vancouver Island over the past years. She has been an executive member of two of the chapters and taught many courses and programs for these chapters. In addition to the many short courses she has taken, José has completed the EAC Individual Basic Counted Thread Technique Correspondence Course (1991) and the EAC Teaching Certification Course (2009). She has also won the EAC Pauline Glover Award. She has specialized in counted thread techniques, especially Schwalm embroidery. José loves to share her collection of antique needlework pieces and her knowledge of embroidery with her students.

Ontario, Canada

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Barbara has a passion for learning and sharing her knowledge about the many varied and wonderful forms of embroidery generally called whitework. She has taken many courses and classes from the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada (EAC), Embroiderers Guild of America (EGA), and the American needlepoint Guild (ANG). Barbara is certified as an EGA Master Craftsman in Counted Thread. She also studied in Germany at the Museum de Schwalm in 2005. Barbara is the author of the EAC Beginner Schwalm Embroidery and the Casalguidi GCC courses, two EGA GCC's as well as a book of Schwalm filling stitches called “Exquisite Schwalm”.

Ontario, Canada

Photo of a woman with mid length brown hair and glasses.

Diane has been beading since 1997 and stitching since she was a young girl. Bead embroidery became her way of combining her two loves. She has taught beading workshops at the EGA North Shore Needlearts chapter in North Vancouver, BC, at the ANG Portland’s chapter Fall Festival in Portland, Oregon and at the EAC Seminar 2016 and 2018. Her articles on Peyote stitch were published in “A Needle Pulling Thread” magazine in 2011.

Ontario, Canada

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Mike Parr has had a lifelong passion for embroidery with over 35 years of experience working in surface/crewel embroidery. Mike has also worked regularly in stumpwork, whitework and canvaswork. After a number of years teaching adult classes privately and in his local guild, in 2016 he founded his own teaching business: Mike Parr Embroidery Designs. Through his website he offers kits and workshops of his own designs. Mike’s primary focus of design is creating new embroidery projects that draw on art and history for their inspiration.

Perth, Australia

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Dale is a textile artist, teacher and writer. Her work involves hand and machine stitch and mixed media applications. Much of her work is experimental and exploratory and she hopes that she always pushes her creative boundaries. Her work is inspired by colour and texture and things she encounters on her travels. As a teacher she likes to encourage people to explore their own ideas and not to slavishly follow what they see. She has been teaching since 1974. 

She started the Thread Studio in 1995 because she could not buy the threads she wanted to use. Through her business she has been an extensive proponent of textile art in Australia and has broken the boundaries as a pioneer in this arena, helping to move textile art away from the “craft” notion. 

Dale has taught in Australia, New Zealand, England and Canada. She also teaches textile courses through her on-line studio. Dale has been published in many magazines and is the author of five books.

Ontario, Canada

Photo of a woman with short grey hair and glasses. 

Lorene Salt is an award-winning stitcher in her favourite medium of canvaswork. She is a graduate of Ryerson Polytechnical University in the Fashion Merchandising and Design course. She is also an avid beader and jewelry maker. Lorene has completed the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced canvaswork courses through EAC. Lorene has taken many cyber classes and courses at EAC and ANG National Seminars. Lorene enjoys watching a piece come alive through colour and texture. She lives in Aurora, Ontario and is a member of EAC, EGA, and ANG.

Ontario, Canada

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Naomi is a First Nation artisan and educator from Neyaashiinigmiing, Ontario. She is actively involved in educating others about the ways of the First Nations people of the Woodlands and Northeastern area from a historical and contemporary perspective often through the story of beads. Her work embraces ancestral designs in the form of bags, adornment and accessories. Naomi designs and creates dimensional and flat beadwork, quill work, sweetgrass or birch bark basket-making and woodlands moose hair embroidery, always valuing these sacred materials through her teachings & creative process. Her design company is called Black Tulip Designs.

Artist’s Statement: Honouring our traditions is my voice within and beyond my Culture and Community. There is no word for “art” in Native languages yet artistry and visual expression are critical in defining who we are as First Nations people. It is this path I wish to exemplify through my teachings and my work.

Ontario, Canada

Photo of a woman with short grey hair.

Sue Sprake emigrated from South Africa, to London, Ontario. She is an Embroiderers’ Guild of America, certified teacher in Crewel and Surface Embroidery and Raised and Padded Embroidery, and a graduate of the Japanese Embroidery Center. She has written several articles for the EGA’s Needle Arts magazine and two South African magazines, Threads and Stitches.

Sue has taught in New York, North Vancouver, and Mauritius, as well as in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, and Durban in South Africa. Sue held classes in her home in Cape Town and is well thought of by her students for her gentle way of teaching and her knowledge of embroidery,

Since living in Canada, Sue has taught at a local embroidery shop and teaches Japanese embroidery from her home. Sue attended the EAC Seminar in Toronto, in May 2016, and taught at the EAC Seminar in St John’s, and in Chatham.

Saskatchewan, Canada

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Carol Storie creates and teaches designs in many techniques of counted thread including hardanger, canvaswork, pulled thread, blackwork and cross stitch. She incorporates specialty threads and a wide variety of stitches and is most recently known for her innovative canvaswork bowls. Carol’s instructions and charts in her patterns are easy to follow. Her teaching style is friendly and relaxed with lots of great tips and patience to get you through even the toughest of stitches. She has taught at different cities within Saskatchewan: at Fibre Potpourri in Alberta: for the EAC - at Seminars, cyber workshops, project correspondence courses; and at the Creative Festival in Toronto. Carol is a member of The Regina Stitchery Guild, the EAC Virtual Threads, the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada (EAC), and the Needlework Designers of Canada. She previously served on the EAC Board of Directors as the Youth Embroiderers’ Director and has completed the EAC Design for Embroidery course.